Registration is open! Hallie will teach at Writers Digest’s “Retreat on the Water” in Celebration, Florida Nov. 13-16!

Writer’s Digest is running a new writing “Retreat on the Water” at  Celebration Bohemian Resort. Join Hallie Ephron, literary agent Paula Munier (author of PLOT PERFECT), and WD editor Robert Brewer for four glorious days. Get your fiction read, discussed, revised and reexamined, prepping it for consideration by industry professionals.


The Philadelphia Inquirer catches Hallie Ephron’s talk at MWA-University…

PMYSTERY29PJune 28, 2014
Reporter Tom Avril of The Philadelphia Inquirer came to see what MWA University was all about. He caught Hallie Ephron teaching plotting.

Six established crime authors held forth on the tricks of their trade at the Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill, covering such topics as dramatic structure, character development, and the art of description. And along the way they sprinkled in a few don’ts: As in – cliché alert! – no cliff-hangers that involve a cellphone battery running out of juice.

Hallie Ephron, author of 2013′s There Was an Old Woman, took attendees through a hypothetical scene: Guy drives home from dinner with his wife, picks up the mail, notices the door to their apartment is open. Inside, the furniture is gone, but he finds a single red shoe with a stiletto heel.

Where in the course of events should the writer start the scene? How should the action be slowed down at crucial moments? And how to end the scene? Cliff-hangers are good, Ephron said, but she urged writers to use them sparingly.

(Photo by Ron Tarver, Inquirer Staff Photographer)

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“There Was an Old Woman” finalist for the David Award

“There Was an Old Woman” has been named a finalist for the David Award for best mystery published in 2013. Thanks, Deadly Ink! – 6/17/14

Not Quite 20 Questions for Hallie Ephron

Hank Phillippi Ryan’s NOT QUITE 20 QUESTIONS FOR HALLIE EPHRON on the Sisters in Crime New England chapter blog! Book I wish I’d written? Movie I can watch over and over? Worst advice I’d ever gotten? And my motto: Just hold your nose and write.

“There Was an Old Woman” named Mary Higgins Clark Award finalist

Mystery Writers of America announces Hallie Ephron’s “There Was an Old Woman” named one of five finalists for the 2014 Mary Higgins Clark Award. — 1/15/2014

There Was an Old Woman one of Sarah Weinman’s TOP 10 for 2013

Sarah Weinman announces her 10 favorite crime novels for 2013 and There Was an Old Woman makes the list!

There Was an Old Woman, Hallie Ephron. A terrific example of contemporary domestic suspense that features a fantastic nonagenarian heroine (and a cool thirtysomething co-protagonist, too) determined to keep her Bronx apartment from the grabby hands of developers and the sinister actions of unknown forces.” — 12/21/2013

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine delivers its verdict!

“In alternating, interrelated narratives, Ephron delivers a suspenseful punch that kept me up all night reading.” “A cleverly plotted, well-orchestrated, and thoroughly engaging novel.”

– Steve Steinbock in “The Jury Box” on THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Washington Post: A glowing review of There Was an Old Woman

WASHINGTON POST reviewer Maureen Corrigan:

“Location, location, location: The most basic element of any New York story is its address. Hallie Ephron’s There Was An Old Woman” is a New York suspense story set in an extraordinary outer-borough neighborhood that will stay with readers… .


Podcast interview with Hallie Ephron on Writer’s Voice with Francesca Rheannon

Hallie talks about THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN with Francesca Rheannon on Writer’s Voice.

The podcast.

Hallie Ephron talks to WBZ’s Jordan Rich about THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN

Listen to the podcast, Jordan Rich of WBZ radio interviewing Hallie Ephron about her new book, “There Was an Old Woman.”

RAVE review in Times Record News, Wichita Falls, TX

“Author Hallie Ephron spins an intriguing tale of suspense in her latest book, ‘There Was An Old Woman,’ which is both thrilling and chilling; “a brilliant offering fans of suspense and intrigue will thoroughly enjoy.”


Interview with Hallie Ephron on QATV (Quincy Cable)

Hallie talks to Joe Catalano about THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN, a TV interview on QATV.


Blogs weigh in on There Was an Old Woman…

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May 1: Interview with Hallie Ephron on CT Style

May 1 at 12:30 PM (EST) Teresa Barbera interviews Hallie Ephron on Connecticut Style, WTNH 8. Here’s me with the teleprompter…

THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN – “It’s a story of trust, betrayal, madness…


Joe Meyers for Hearst CT Media Group: “I couldn’t rest until the story was played out.”

“William Morrow calls the new Hallie Ephron book “There Was an Old Woman” a “novel of suspense” and that it is — the author sets up characters so real and situations so harrowing that I kept reading it, way too late into the night, because I knew I couldn’t rest until the story was played out.”

“Ephron is fast becoming one of contemporary fiction’s masters of suspense.”


Burlington Times News: Hallie Ephron’s latest thriller is just that: thrilling

“’There was an Old Woman’ is a well-crafted thriller with compelling characters, an entertaining story and just the right amount of suspense. Hallie Ephron’s third standalone mystery is just as enjoyable as her two previous books, ‘Never Tell a Lie’ and ‘Come and Find Me.’
“’There was an Old Woman’ will certainly keep you riveted from the first page to the last.”


BOSTON GLOBE best seller!

THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN hits the Boston Globe best seller list!

Boston Globe review finds TWAOW’s suspense “gripping,” “real and nuanced”

“Ephron’s novels are gripping because her characters are just real and nuanced enough to identify with. Ultimately, it’s compassion that makes us stay up late reading and, nose in book, miss our subway stop the next morning.”


Hartford Books Examiner praises TWAOW characters, suspense, emotional depth

There Was an Old Woman represents Hallie Ephron at her very best. … Readers will be taken with the good, old-fashioned storytelling, brilliantly nuanced character portraits, and thought-provoking subtext. More than just a page-turner, this story is a haunting reminder that true terror starts at home…


Iron Mountain Daily News likes THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN’S blend of fact and fiction

“Ephron treats her reader to interesting tidbits of New York’s history and a clever plot in her latest work, THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN.”


Leeswamme’s Book Review: “A great novel of suspense”

“[THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN] was a great novel of suspense. I especially liked the story around Mina, the elderly neighbor, who seems to have become much more forgetful recently, and gets into some seriously dangerous situations.”

“Very enjoyable, a fast read – because you have to know what’s going on before you close the book!”


Meghan Walsh Gerard (A Cinaste’s Collection) invokes Gaslight in a review of There Was an Old Woman

“Perhaps what makes this novel so frightening is that it could happen to anyone.  The devious plan is so deceptively simple that it barely registers as out of place.”

“I was reminded of Gaslight while reading this.  Because of the dueling points-of-view, the reader is left to wonder where the reality is.”



Joe Hartlaub, Bookreporter RECOMMENDS “There Was an Old Woman”

THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN is “character-driven,” “engrossing,” “well told!”

“Even if you figure things out early on, Ephron throws a curveball near the end that you’ll never see coming. All things considered, THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN is Ephron’s best book to date.”


Rick Foster reviews TWAOW in TheDay Connecticut

“It’s a terrific and instantly engaging plot – but along with the tightening garrote of tension are wonderfully developed characters who deal with poignant problems including alcoholism, fraying sibling and maternal relationships, care for the aging, and the tantalizing hope that, despite evidence and Thomas Wolfe to the contrary, you CAN go home again.”

“The book works on many levels and is at once tense, creepy, bittersweet and real. It takes a lot to juggle those elements and, for all her knowledge of craft, Ephron cheerfully admits there’s an ongoing element of discovery when she works.”


Review in the Winnepeg Free Press: Tightly written suspense thriller frighteningly real

“DESPITE the bedtime story image suggested by the title, American writer Hallie Ephron’s new novel is no children’s nursery rhyme. There Was an Old Woman is a tightly wrought, expertly written and frighteningly real suspense thriller that will keep you turning pages.”

“There is a depth to her characters that is reminiscent of Ruth Rendell‘s probing, often painful characterizations.”

“With well-developed characters and the threat of a very real menace, there are enough twists and turns in this story to make veteran suspense readers question their own mystery-solving abilities. The ending will make them question their own security.”

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BOLO (“Be on the Look Out”) Books calls THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN a “gem”

“Hallie Ephron seems to be writing a book that will touch all of us, regardless of age.”

“What Ephron has created here is a rich world, populated by complex characters who reflect our own worries about life right back at us.”

“So real are these characters, that readers may find themselves looking for them out on their own cul-de-sacs.   It is even possible that they will see reflections of themselves in these two women.”


Lansing Journal mystery reviewer Ray Walsh raves!

“[THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN] is a dark, captivating and deliciously creepy tale that’s liable to keep you reading all night long.”

… More

Hallie on “Growing Up Ephron” in March “O” Magazine

In the March ’13 issue of The Oprah Magazine Hallie talks about “Growing Up Ephron” — with three talented, articulate sisters (Nora, Delia, and Amy), all coming of age in the shadow of a complicated, talented, unhappy mother.

Sometimes when people ask me about
Nora, I feel like saying, "You know,
there are three other Ephron sisters."

But to understand any of us, including
Nora, you'd have to start with our
mother -- a woman well ahead of her time.
Of all the Ephron women, she was surely
the most exceptional, for better and
for worse.

Pre-publication buzz: “There Was an Old Woman”

  • Publisher’s Weekly: A “touching novel of suspense.” Its “portrait of the intimate details of the inescapable consequences of age and alcoholism is as gripping as any traditional mystery.”
  • Kirkus praises its “creepy vibe.” “Portraying the inner life of an aged widow struggling heroically against her limitation, it’s very good.”
  • Booklist  recommends its “characterization — particularly Mina, still sharp in her tenth decade — and the nicely detailed sense of place.”

Advance readers rave:

- There Was an Old Woman is “a terrific novel of contemporary domestic suspense.” — Sarah Weinman, @sarahw News Editor for Publishers Marketplace

- “Superb suspense and unforgettable characters make this an absolute muster-read. There Was an Old Woman is so good, I devoured it in one ravenous gulp!” … Tess Gerritsen, NY Times bestselling author of Last to Die

- “Hallie Ephron has an extraordinary talent for imbuing the ordinary with menace, and for creating wonderful, memorable characters. Mina, the old woman of the title shines. This is Ephron’s best book yet, and readers won’t be able to put it down.” … Deborah Crombie, NY Times bestselling author of No Mark Upon Her

- “Haunting. Compelling. Beautifully written. Hallie Ephron is the queen of secrets — and the star of suburban noir.” … Hank Phillippi Ryan, award-winning author of The Other Woman

- “Hallie Ephron hits a grand slam with this suspenseful tale of long-held secrets, family foibles, and human frailty. Ephron’s talents are on full display as her smooth prose paints colorful characters then slowly tightens its grip on your throat until you simply can’t put There Was an Old Woman down.” … Julia Spencer-Fleming, NY Times bestselling author of One Was  Soldier

- “An utterly fresh story. Evie and her crew will keep you guessing and hoping and teetering between laughter and tears, all the way home.” … Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean

Mary Higgins Clark Award nomination for COME AND FIND ME!

So exciting! “Come and Find Me” is a finalist for the Mary Higgins Clark Award! At least half the fun was getting to meet Mary (or HRH as we call her) again.

NEVER TELL A LIE adapted for film

“Never Tell a Lie’ has been adapted for film on the Lifetime Movie Network. ”And Baby Will Fall” starring Anastasia Griffith, Brendan Fehr, and Clea Duval.

Hallie talks about Novelist Sees Characters Brought to Life.

Interviews & articles

  • Interview on writing suspense (how to harness speed and tension) with Mary Carol Moore 
  • From Nantucket, The Inquirer and Mirror writes about Hallie Ephron and THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN: “One Sunday in January a few years ago, author Hallie Ephron was sitting in her home office in Boston when she heard sirens that kept getting louder and louder. She raised the window shade and saw her 70-something-year-old neighbor being taken away in a stretcher.”
  • TV interview with Joe Catalano, Hallie talks about THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN on QATV
  • “My Book, The Movie” – Hallie’s dream cast for THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN
  • “He’s Just Not That Into Your . . . Food” on One for the Table: Hallie muses on what to do when his idea of heaven is steak and yours is soup dumplings.
  • “Between the Lines with Hallie Ephron” Q&A in the Hartford Books Examiner
  • Hallie talks about writing creepy on Book Club Girl
  • Hallie writes about Lululemon’s peek-a-boo-boo yoga pants in the Patriot Ledger

They look just fine in the store. But put them on and do the downward facing dog, and anyone standing behind you can see all the way to Florida (to quote Carrie Fisher on a similarly problematic, though not transparent metal bikini).

Photos from the road…

  • 5/13 On tour in North Carolina with Lucy Burdette, Jennifer McMahon, and Molly Weston
  • 5/11 Hallie gives the keynote at CAPA-U (Connecticut Authors and Publishers University) in Hartford
  • 5/9 Hallie and Kate Flora and B.A. Shapiro speaking at the Leominster Library
  • 4/1 Book launch for THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN at Brookline Booksmith
  • 3/13 Hallie and Linda Barnes get ready for a series of joint events
  • 2/13 Hallie and Hank Phillippi Ryan at Mohegan Sun’s BIG BOOK CLUB GETAWAY
  • 4/12 Hallie and the other Mary Higgins Clark award nominees at the Edgar Awards
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