There Was an Old Woman

by Hallie Ephron, ISBN 978-0-06-211760-1; ebook 978-0-06-211762-5


New York Times best seller!
Globe best seller
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“Ephron is a talented writer and does a splendid job of creating a sense of place with richly drawn characters embroiled in realistic predicaments. We feel it, we recognize it, we understand it. Ephron is writing fiction with a gravitas rooted in reality and that’s why her books are so good.” – Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media

Once upon a time…

There was an old woman who lived in the Bronx…

Ninety-one-year-old Mina Yetner lives in the Bronx neighborhood of Higgs Point where small shotgun houses perch on waterfront with a view marsh grass, birds, and in the distance the Manhattan sky line.

Mina doesn’t like to get into her neighbor’s business, but when Sandra Ferrante, a troubled woman with a drinking problem, is pulled from her home and taken by ambulance to the local hospital, Mina tries to find Sandra’s daughter to convey her mother’s message: “Don’t let him in until I’m gone.”


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